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2014-200 Behind the fence by pearwood

Your photos remind me why I adore film so much! Obviously, you know technique very well, to use the red filter to capture the contrast ...

2012-171 Expo people 21 by pearwood

The perspective on this shot is absolutely suburb! But without the figures on the sides it would have been just another intentionally a...



05-07-2015 by Project-27
Ok kind of cheating on this one since I took it the following morning, but we started our trip to New Orleans on the 7th and this is the courtyard from the hotel we were in =D I only took 3 shots on the 7th and they were pretty terrible, I had planned to get a nice sunset shot on the train ride to Louisiana..... butttt.... a)the train was running 2 hours late and b) gave me motion sickness since I forgot to take anything, so by sunset I was not in a mood to take photos. So since this photo was hands down better than the 3 train station shots I took that day, and I still stayed at the hotel on the 7th, it counts!
05-06-2015 by Project-27
Our little Shiba knows something is up! (She gets to go hang out with a friend of ours while we take a little trip) I spent the whole day cleaning the house but now it's time to address packing, especially the camera bag! Gotta make sure that's ready to go =)
05-05-2015 by Project-27
I've got the week off from my job, but that hardly means in not working... we've got a vacation at the end of the week, but I have plenty of errands to run before we leave! Tomorrow's agenda is to clean the house, but today I was out and about and had to look my best =)
05-04-2015 by Project-27
Too bad most of my "May the 4th" was taken over by the a/c repair guys... but I did get out for a fabulous event at our local children's hospital. =) Hospital rules required we couldn't take any photos except in our changing room, so I figured this was a perfect opportunity to show a little 'getting ready' shot =)

What is Project 27?

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 16, 2015, 6:48 PM
Well here I am again, another year passed and the beginning of another (I keep up with 'years' based on my daily photo anniversary, not Gregorian Calendars =P). I must say that the 7th year of my daily portrait challenge has proven to be the one that got away, I started the year behind already, and the added challenge of having to wrangle my often uncooperative husband into the shot just made for more than I could keep up with. I think I got about 98% of the days taken, but there were quite a few days where, laying in bed with the lights out, I just figured it would be easier to not get a photo that night and try to make it up the next day. Especially since I knew I'd have to get my muscle man to join me. Combine that with what has been a terrible past few months at my real life job, and things just haven't panned out for me to have all my images uploaded before my finale date of April 15. I've still got all the raw images, and maybe I've have some time to edit and upload them soon, but if not, I'm ok with that. They aren't really my best work, and most of them are just nightly shots taken in bed or at home, so they aren't keepsake images for me and my muscle man. I may upload them on my blogger account (another platform that has also fallen victim to my chaotic year... I've barely posted there either)

But now it's April 16, the beginning day for my 'next year' and I'm at a crossroads. I really do hate to give up the photo-a-day challenge, it's become so much of who I am. And as I started the project as a tribute to the amazing :iconphoenixtear:, I just can't give up what has become a (mostly) daily challenge. So I'm not giving up. But I am evolving my project. I figure there are enough photos of my face on the internet, so I'm going to try a more traditional 365, peppered with self-portraits, shots of me and my muscle man, still life shots and photos of my wonderful shiba inu pup =) Or whatever I happen to find to photograph that day... We'll see what happens.

And (I know I've said this before, but..) I'm really going to try to upload my shots daily =D That may mean some SOOC shots uploaded from my tablet (I got a eye-fi mobi card for Christmas, it uploads jpegs from my camera to tablet wirelessly)


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